Locksmiths in Thetford available 24 hours a day

Thetford locksmiths offering an emergency service to the local area so if you need the services of a locksmith we are here to help with Lock opening for when you have lost or broken keys.
If your keys are lost we can open and replace your locks if required without any damage to your property.
Over time our keys can become weakened by wear and can sometimes snap within your lock, we have tools to remove the broken part of the key without the need to replace the lock which undoubtedly save you time and the expense of changing the locks.
Occasionally locks can fail, leaving you locked out or your property insecure we can open failed locks as well replace any locks that are no longer functioning correctly.

We install and replace locks too 
If you have recently moved home in Thetford or have been through a relationship breakdown it is good practice to change your locks, This puts you back in control of any keys that maybe in circulation for your home, If somebody should enter your home using a key you may not be insured.
We install additional locks to your property for extra security or to insure that you comply with your insurance requirements.
If you need a Locksmith in Thetford contact us today.

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Security Systems in Thetford

We install and maintain security systems in Thetford, In the last 15 years we have seen the property security system has evolved from a simple intruder alarm system into a all round property security system that will not just detect intrusion but much more including fire and flood detection that can be controlled by a smart phone.

Why should you install a property security system in thetford?
Firstly having a physical deterrent can often be all that's needed to put off an opportunist burglar for the more determined burglar a properly installed security system that detects them from the moment they step onto the property they already know that the time in which they have to conduct their "business" is extremely limited and most will abandon the mission and not risk being caught. 


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