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Access control in Norfolk & Suffolk

Fort Cox Locksmiths and Access control can supply, install and maintain all types of Access Control systems in Norfolk & Suffolk

Door Entry Systems & Access control Suffolk / Norfolk

Installing a door entry system or Access control Suffolk / Norfolk in your residential / business premises allows you to monitor or restrict unauthorised access to certain areas of the building as well as the main entrance.

Stand alone Access Control Norfolk / Suffolk

Using Access control Suffolk / Norfolk to restrict access to single doors using either coded handles that require a pin to be entered in order to gain entry, or the use of swipe card through a reader or a proximity fob / card to be presented to a reader in order to release a solenoid latch / magnet.

 Using an electronic system gives you the added benefit of being able to cancel users from the system if that person no longer requires access.

Multi-door networked systems

These systems are very much the same as the standalone system but with the ability to control multiple doors on the system, this can be controlled at the door or the system can be networked through PC based software, giving you ultimate control, even to the extent of being able to allow users to gain entry only on certain days and certain times.

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intercom systems Norfolk & Suffolk

Intercom systems

These systems can be both video and audio, or just audio, allowing you to remotely monitor who is trying to gain entry through a door, allowing the user to decide whether or not that person requires access and then allowing the user to remotely release the door.

 Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control Norfolk also supply and install systems with the added benefit of a built in code on the keypad, so authorised personnel can let themselves straight in without the need to “buzz” for access.

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Maintenance, Repairs and modifications to your Access control systems

Fort Cox locksmiths & Access control do not only install new bespoke access control systems, But can maintain, repair and modify Access control systems in many parts of Norfolk / Suffolk to keep your system running effectively, ensuring the system continues meet your needs.

Our customers have included a large national hotel chain, Care homes, Housing associations & Manufacturing companies for installation, maintenance and repair of Access Control Norfolk / Suffolk.

If your door entry or access control system is not working like you would like contact us to see what we can do for you.

Doorbell Cameras

We supply and install doorbell cameras, Our cameras are 1080P Full HD with night vision, are available in both white and black and can be supplied and installed for cheaper than the camera alone could be purchased on the high street! 

The Smart Video Doorbell has 1080P HD video and live streaming, comes complete with a 16GB SD card and IR night vision. 

It features a 166° wide angle lens and built-in 2 way audio to allowing communication with visitors to your door, and up to 5 users can be added per device.

 The free iOS and Android supported app allows for alerts to be sent to your mobile device when motion is detected, streaming images to your selected device to alert you of any activity.

To order to install at home click here

door bell cameras Norfolk & Suffolk

With access control there is no need for keys, Therefore there is no need to change the locks every time someone forgets to hand their keys back!

If you find yourself with a door entry problem in Norfolk or Suffolk call us today to see what we can do for you.


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