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Key Suites and re-keying in Norfolk / Suffolk

Broken or Snapped Keys

Keys are an important part of everyday life that we do not pay too much attention to, That is until they no longer work for us then it becomes a problem especially if they snap inside the lock that you are trying to open with them.

If you have snapped your key inside your lock in Norfolk or Suffolk, we can remove the broken part of the key so that the lock can be used again as normal.

If you find that one of your keys is looking a little tired or bent, You should use our key services Diss get a new key cut at your earliest convenience. 

Locks Re-keyed

Do your keys weigh you down? Fed up of carrying too many keys around? Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control have a very cost effective solution to this problem, Why not have all your locks re-keyed to work with 1 key? Costing just £87 per lock, you will not only have your locks changed to a snap secure cylinder, but you will also get all the locks changed to work with one key meaning that you just have to carry 1 key and still get access to all your doors. 
We can even provide padlocks using the same key too from just £34.

Master Suites

Using this technique, several doors can be configured to work from one master key whilst still having individual configuration meaning that no other key would open the door except the master which will open all doors - this is a ideal solution for landlords and office blocks in Norfolk and Suffolk.

locks on same key diss (keyed alike)

Restricted Keys

We can provide solutions to unauthorised key cutting with locks that can only get keys by the registered owner making this the obvious choice for landlords so they can instantly know without doubt how many keys are in circulation and who is in possession of them.

Let Fort Cox locksmiths take away the stress of unauthorised key reproduction by contacting us today to discuss how we can manage your locks and key services Diss,


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