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Upvc & Composite locks

Upvc locksmiths Norfolk & Suffolk

Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control are experienced Upvc locksmiths Norfolk Based in Diss, As a result they can open, replace and upgrade Upvc or composite door cylinder locks otherwise known as “Euro cylinders”, as well as the multi-point locking system (strip) that runs down the edge of your door.

 When changing the locks in your doors after moving into a new home or find that your locks have been compromised in a burglary then it is just the Euro cylinder that needs to be changed, so you do not need the expense of changing the multi-point lock.

 Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control only install British Standard anti-snap Euro cylinders due to the insecurities of the standard cylinders so that you can rest assured that you will have one of the more secure cylinders available in your door at no extra cost to you. 

Should you find that your door / window is getting difficult to lock this should not be ignored because the earlier this is diagnosed the easier and more cost effective the solution will be, not to mention the inconvenience caused.
A planned repair is always more convenient than an unplanned emergency. 

If your Upvc locks are not as smooth to operate as they once were this is a sign that something is misaligned or the lock is starting to fail in which case get in touch and let us diagnosis the issue before its too late.    

From our base in Diss, Norfolk we can take care of all your Upvc locksmiths Norfolk / Suffolk needs Call us today to see how we can help you.

Multi-point Locks repaired / replaced in Norfolk & Suffolk

Are your handles getting tighter to lift? or the key harder to turn?

This can be the first sign of a failing multi-point lock, but this doesn't always mean that the actual lock has failed, More often than not this can be a sign of a poorly aligned door which can be caused by extremely hot or cold weather. 

If this is caught early enough before the multi-point lock becomes damaged this can be relatively easily remedied by making a few slight adjustments to the door to re-align the lock to the keep (the part on the frame that the door locks into), Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control can have your multi-point lock operating like new once more at only a fraction of the cost of a new multi-point locking system .

Even if your lock has already failed and the door is currently jammed locked  Our UPVC Locksmiths Norfolk can open the door using specialist tools and repair or replace the multi-point locking strip without damaging the door. 

We stock many makes and models of gearboxes for multipoint locking systems so the chances are that we can make the repair on our first visit giving you one less thing to worry about.

multipoint locks repaired and replaced  diss
Jammed UPVC window mechanisms repaired

window locks opened & installed Norfolk

Upvc Window Locks

Is your UPVC window mechanism jammed and locked shut? Does the handle move but the window still not opening? We can open and repair broken window locks even if the UPVC window lock is jammed as well as repairing damaged hinges too. 

With specialist tools we can open a jammed window and replace the locking mechanism, making the window fully usable once more meaning no more stuffy rooms which can eventually lead to condensation build up.

 Never ignore a jammed window as this could be your only means of escape in the event of a fire.

Upvc servicing

Draughty windows and doors? With our UPVC service, all your windows will be not only lubricated and checked for wear, they'll be re-aligned meaning that they will fit more snug, cutting down the draught coming through and potentially cutting down on your heating bills in turn reducing your carbon footprint.

It is also recommended that the locking mechanism is lubricated with a light oil at least once a year.

upvc door & window servicing Norfolk
upvc handle Replacement Diss

Upvc Handles

If your UPVC handles are broken we are available to supply and fit new handles within areas of Norfolk & Suffolk. If you are outside our work area you can still order your Upvc handles in our online store to fit yourself.

We have a far larger range of Upvc and composite handles available to us than the high street shops and we can usually beat their retail price too.

We stock various Upvc / Composite door and window handles so if you can't find what you are looking for in DIY shops or on the high street then check our online store or alternatively send us a picture and we will match it to the correct handle , 


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