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Antique Locks Norfolk / Suffolk

Antique Lock Opening & Repair

If you have an old or antique lock in Norfolk or Suffolk that you no longer have the key to, the lock will need opening which is something we can do with our specialist tools and skills we have gained over many years of trading  then a key will have to be made by hand to operate the lock meaning that you can keep the original lock in place keeping to the original and decorative features.

We can make a key from the original lock by dismantling the lock to see the shape of key needed to operate the lock successfully, then bit by bit the key can be filed to the shape required until the lock will operate smoothly from the new key.If you have an antique lock that you no longer have a key for that you would like to keep in place rather than replace with something more up to date that may not go the the original look of the furniture it is protecting 

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