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Types of locks found around the home and business

Knowing the difference

One of the first questions a locksmith is likely to ask when you first make contact is the type of lock that you are referring to this is so that they can have a better idea of they may be dealing with so that they can give you a better idea of pricing etc.

To make this easier we have put together a guide so that you can answer that very question and to give yourself a better idea of your security of your home.

Upvc / Composite door with euro cylinder.

Upvc door with euro cylinder

Euro cylinder

The euro cylinder is the type found in Upvc & composite doors, these doors usually require the handle to be lifted in order to engage the multipoint lock before the key in the cylinder is turned to lock the handle to stop the door being opened.

The locking system on this type of door secures into the frame of the door usually at at least 3 places which makes it a good secure lock but this makes the cylinder the potential weak point as some of the standard cylinders are liable to lock snapping.

Mortice Lock (BS3621)

British Standard 3621 mortice lock

British Standard 3621 Mortice lock

The mortice lock is normally found in a pocket of a wooden door (morticed) on final exit doors these are usually required to comply to BS3621 by most british insurance companies.
To ensure your locks comply the easiest way is to look on the faceplate on the edge of the door this should display the British standard kitemark.

These work by shooting a bolt from the lock into the frame of the door when the key is turned.

Rim Cylinder

Rim Cylinder
Night Latch

Night latch

Night latch operated by a rim cylinder

The night latch is usually fitted to wooden doors, it usually requires a key to open once the door has closed causing people to end up locked out as a result.

This type of lock is commonly referred to as a "Yale" but this is just a brand name and lots of different manufactures now make this type of lock.


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