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CCTV Installers Norwich, Norfolk

CCTV Installations Norwich

Being CCTV Installers Norwich, Norfolk, Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control will help to protect your home or business using a well planned CCTV system.

Living in the delightful area around Norwich, Norfolk, especially here in the heart of Norfolk, we all understand the importance of keeping our homes secure. I share this concern and have been committed to offering top-quality CCTV installation services in Diss since 2011.

As CCTV Installers Norwich, Norfolk, We know it is more than just placing cameras randomly; it's about smart placement that ensures they act like an additional set of vigilant eyes, always observing, always recording. This service aims not only to make you feel protected but to guarantee your safety. I take pride in managing every step of this process with clear and straightforward communication, ensuring you're always informed.

Achieving a secure home should be a simple process. With Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control, we believe that providing security is about giving you a feeling of tranquility and ease. Let's work together to make your home a safer place, focusing on practical solutions and genuine safety measures tailored just for you.

CCTV Installers Norwich

What Can we do for you?

Fort Cox Locksmiths & Access Control are CCTV installers Norwich, Norfolk
Using the latest technology we can protect your home or business, we can offer Wi-Fi  CCTV cameras where only one or two cameras are required.
These cameras use the property Wi-Fi signal to relay live video back to a app on a mobile device or PC, These cameras generally record onto a Memory card inside the camera unit.

For a larger installation we recommend that a networked IP CCTV system is used.
These CCTV systems generally involve a Network video recorder (NVR) in place of the memory card for storage, This is networked onto your home internet and the CCTV cameras are hard wired back to the NVR meaning if your internet goes down the footage can still be accessed from the NVR.

Long gone the days of grainy footage, todays CCTV system supply high definition footage from HD all the way up to 8K although in order to keep costs down we recommend 4k cameras. 


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