Property security work in Norfolk & Suffolk

Previous work carried out by Fort Cox Locksmiths & access control

5 Lever mortice lock (BS 3621) fitted in Bury St Edmunds

Customer in Bury St edmunds felt vulnerable with just a night latch on her front door, So a British Standard 5 lever mortice sashlock complying to BS 3621 was fitted to their door for extra security in turn improving the overall property security.

Commercial door in Bressingham, Closing too quickly causing a customer safety risk

Customer in Bressingham called as their door into one of their public buildings was not closing correctly on the automatic door closer as a result it posed a safety risk to anybody using the door due to the door closing too quickly and as a consequence the door could collide with a pedestrian.

After a examination and attempt to correctly set up closer found seals in closer to have failed beyond economic repair, the door was removed, a new closer fitted and set up. 

Improved property security for a customer in Diss

Customer in Diss had been having trouble with people loitering around their property and had some concerns around the garage being detached from the house so they decided to improve their property security .

2 new CCTV cameras installed to monitor activity, old latch replaced on back gate with a Gate mate which is a security sliding bolt controlled by a high security key also a garage door defender fitted in front of garage for added security.

Block of flats in Diss

Customer in Diss required additional security to a communal service cupboard in a block of flats, New night latch fitted to door and keyed alike to communal front door meaning residents not having to carry any extra keys. 

Customer in Diss could not lock front door

Called out late one evening as the customer tried to ,lock their front door containing an old lock possibly dating back to Victorian times.
Lock removed from the door to find internals had become disconfigured, stripped down lock, lubricated, rebuilt correctly before being refitted to door.

Lost wardrobe key in Burston

Customer in Burston had lost the keys to their wardrobe with all of their clothes locked inside, Lock picked open, Lock removed and a new key made to operate the lock by hand using the lever heights as a guide.
Lock refitted to wardrobe and customer left with a working key once more.

Alarm system showing fault continuously

Customer in Norwich called to say that their wired alarm system would not set due to having a non resettable fault.
On arrival customer explained that they had some work done in the lounge (where the faulty zone was located) and as a consequence the detector for that room had been moved and the fault had occurred shortly after that, the detector itself tested out ok but the wiring was incorrect back to the main control although all wiring both inside the detector and back at the control panel appeared to present and correct.
The fault turned out to be behind a new bespoke display cabinet, where a joint had been made to the existing wiring to the detector in some connector block and had become disconnected.
As a direct result the cabinet had to be dismantled once more and a better connection was made to stop future occurrences.

Locks changed to comply with British Standards.

Before moving house the vendor had been told by the insurance company of the buyers that all locks must apply to british standards before contracts could be exchanged, this was most unexpected by the vendors who were left in a tailspin not knowing how to best comply with the insurance companies demands.

The Customer contacted us to improve their property security ensuring that the demands were met in full quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.All final exit doors were changed to British Standard locks including 2 UPVC patio doors.

On completion of our works we sent a report to the buyers insurer and the contracts were exchanged within 2 hours. 

Customer in Thetford left no alarm codes for their Security system by house builders.

Customer moved into a new build property in Thetford which had a Pyronix alarm system installed but unfortunately he had been left no access codes or instructions for operation.
Original installers contacted by the customer to get access codes but was told that they would not be supporting any maintenance of the system and to find a local company to take over the system maintenance.

We were contacted to take over the service of the system which we did with pleasure system reset to factory settings and reprogrammed giving the customer the opportunity to own a system set up to their requirements.

Customer in Tivetshall had no window keys when moving into new home.

Customer had several windows in their new home in Tivetshall, Norfolk.
After trying the many window master keys that we have, None would operate the lock leaving no choice but to remove the lock from the window and strip it down to impression the lock, This involved inserting a blank key into the lock to mark up where the wafers were located with in the cylinder core.

Once that was established it was a case of cutting the key with a file to lift the wafers to the correct heights in order to allow the core to turn, once a working key was made it was just a case of copying that key on the key cutting Machine.

The lock was then rebuilt and fitted to the window once more and all remaining locks being lubricated to aid easier movement of the wafers.

Customer in Worlingworth, Suffolk no keys for second hand sideboard.

A customer in Worlingworth had purchased a sideboard without any keys for drawers or cupboards, a lock was removed from an open drawer and cupboard because these were keyed to differ, an impression was taken of the locks to determine the bitting of the keys needed.
The keys were made by carefully removing excess material from the flag of the key until it operated the lever one at a time.
Once a working key was made it was cut on the machine to make more copies from the key.

Security System Installed for a Customer in Diss, Norfolk

Having recently moved to the area, the customer expressed the need for a security system to be installed on their new home, Having a system in their previous home they felt that they would like to increase the level of security of their new home.
After a site survey and a discussion with the customer it was decided the they would rather have a wireless system installed and the Pyronix Enforcer was chosen for its around versatility & reliability to not only detect intrusion but fire and flood if required, making it futureproof.
With its built in WIFI module and a dedicated app, control of the Home security system has never been as easy.


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