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Safes supplied and installed in Norfolk / Suffolk

Wide range of safes supplied and installed.

We are safe suppliers Norfolk  & Suffolk, We supply and install safes in the home and small businesses, we can supply a very wide range of safes from many different manufacturers to suit your budget.

From small safes to keep your valuables safe for a short time to larger insurance approved safes covering up to £10K in valuables, Safes can be electronic where a code is set to secure or the use of a key to operate.

Safes not only protect your valuables from theft but also fire rated safes will protect important documents in the event of a fire.

As safe suppliers Norfolk / Suffolk, If we install your safe we will ensure that the safe is installed in the best possible way to validate its application.

If you live outside of Norfolk / Suffolk or you want to install the safe yourself, that's fine by us but still check out our shop to see our prices compare to other Safe suppliers.

Key safe suppliers Norfolk & Suffolk

Long gone the days where it was safe to hide the spare key under the door mat or in a plant pot. 

We supply and fit Key safes in the Norfolk and Suffolk areas. If you have a old or infirm relative, installing a key safe will allow a spare key to be available in case of an emergency without having too many copies of the key minimising the chance of a key to get into the "wrong" hands.


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