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Types of locks found around the home and business

One of the first questions a locksmith is likely to ask when you first make contact is the type of lock that you are referring to this is so that they can have a better idea of they may be dealing with so that they can give you a better idea of pricing etc.To make this easier we have put together a guide so that you can answer that very question and to give yourself a better idea of your security of your home....

September 30, 2020

Upvc Servicing

As the weather changes from winter to summer and back to winter UPVC and composite door tend to expand and shrink causing a mis-alignment issue, particularly if the sun shines directly onto the door or window frame. If your Upvc door handles are getting difficult to lift in order to lock the door book a Upvc / Composite door service as this is usually the first sign of a poorly aligned door, which if caught early can be rectified by a experienced locksmith meaning that the door can be re-aligned...

July 13, 2020

Moving Home - Change your locks.

You've signed all the paperwork to secure your new home in Norfolk or Suffolk, Now lots of decisions need to take place "do we take that old lamp with us or do we purchase a new one because fashions have moved on somewhat?" or "Can we afford to change that old kitchen?" But one of the best and most important decisions that you can make is to change your locks on all your doors and outbuildings.Ask yourself this, do you know where all your copies of keys are to your home that you are moving out o...

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